About Me

Time really passes us quickly. It is already 50 years since our gradation. We lose contacts with the majority of classmates. Some classmates migrate to other countries such as Canada, Australia, U.S., U.K., etc. Using nowadays internet technology, we hope it isn’t too hard to search for these missing classmates.

Contact us if you are our classmates. We are desperately looking for your reunion.   Email us at:


Articles posting criteria

All articles sent to us for posting in our blog must be written by our classmates or teachers; or by other persons only if they are referred to us by our classmates or teachers.

There are no restrictions on the contents of the articles save and except they must be polite and non-offensive to other people of different gender, race, colour, religion or political party or belief and in decent and socially acceptable language, be it Chinese or English.  We particularly welcome articles with focus on the lives and experiences of other classmates.

The moderator of our blog shall have the unrestricted power and authority to amend, edit or reject any articles sent to our blog for posting without disclosing his/her reasons therefor.